We are Sound Generations

Serving Our Community For Over 50 Years

Established in 1967, Sound Generations is a comprehensive 501c3 non-profit organization that serves older adults and adults with disabilities in King County. Sound Generations, previously known as Senior Services, supports almost 54,000 people annually. Our organization is Washington State’s largest provider of comprehensive services for aging adults and their loved ones located in King County.

Our Mission

We support people on their aging journey through community connections and accessible services.

Our Vision

We envision a just society where aging adults, adults with disabilities, and those who care for them can live their best lives in a supportive and caring community.

We strive to expand the provision of food security, transportation, health & wellness, and assistance services to underserved and marginalized populations. Our programs and affiliated service sites provide accessible resources and services across King County.

We are committed to helping everyone, including low income communities and people of color. We work to ensure people feel included and respected in a community that affirms aging.

What Can You Do To Help?

Sound Generations is requesting community aid.

Do You Need Help?

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Our Stories

Life Through Aging Eyes

Life Through Aging Eyes shows you how Sound Generations continues to bring vital services to our aging friends, family, and neighbors in King County. See how our staff, volunteers, and programs come together to support our clients on their aging journey.

Make a gift to support our aging neighbors.

Through The Eyes of a Service Provider

Being a driver for Sound Generations’ Meals on Wheels program is so much more than transporting meals. Julian Montgomery sees himself as a therapist, counselor, friend, and a family member for his clients as well. Learn more about our Meals On Wheels program.

Connecting Communities Through Transportation

Transportation is a vital service for older adults that seek to maintain their independence. Hyde Shuttle drivers and volunteer drivers help aging adults get to and from errands, attend activities and medical appointments, and remain connected to their communities. Learn more about Hyde Shuttle and Volunteer Transportation.

Four Caregivers, One Community

This is the story of a wife, a daughter, a son, and a mother. Four caregivers share why they turned to Sound Generations for relief, knowledge, and care. Learn more about Caregiver Support.

For media inquiries, please contact Brittany Blue, Chief Marketing and Philanthropy Officer.

206.727.6261 | brittanybl@soundgenerations.org