About Sound Generations

Multigenerational family


We partner with older adults to provide accessible and inclusive services so they can age their way.


We envision a responsive, multigenerational community that recognizes and fulfills the diverse and changing needs of everyone as we age.

Value Statements


We believe everyone deserves access to resources for their changing needs.  Service is at the core of everything we do and we strive to create more inclusive and accessible opportunities in which older adults and members of our community can participate. 

Foster Community

We strive to engage others with warmth, openness, and hospitality.  We embrace inclusion and seek to create connections through our commitment to foster a multigenerational community.

Uphold DEI

We embrace the work that prompts us to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community with the hopes of making people feel fulfilled, valued and seen.

Lead with Compassion

We expect all interactions with clients, partner agencies and funders to reflect our compassion. We treat everyone as an individual worthy of our time and care and actively create spaces for others to show up as their authentic selves.

Embrace Collaboration

We meet the needs of people aging in place by innovating and finding creative solutions to the unforeseen shifts and challenges they face. We are at our best when a situation requires us to work together and act where we can have the greatest impact for our participants.


We attempt to make a positive effect on every life we touch and this makes our work continue.  Our impact is even greater when we use our experience to inform our actions, when we act in alignment with our mission, and when we hold each other accountable for achieving our goals.