Senior Centers

Senior centers are lively hubs that connect older adults and their friends and families to their local community. Members and visitors are greeted with warm, friendly smiles and invited to partake in a medley of senior center activities. Senior centers offer fitness classes, arts and crafts, card games and board games, community dinners, rainbow and karaoke bingo, birthday and holiday celebrations, and more! There’s always something for everyone, so we invite you to visit your local senior center today!

List of current affiliated senior centers.

Ballard NW Senior Center logo

Ballard NW Senior Center

Ballard NW Senior Center is where friends meet friends. Serving the Ballard, Magnolia, and Queen Anne communities for the past 41 years, you’ll always find something new and fun at Ballard NW Senior Center.

Go to Ballard NW Senior Center for more information.

two ladies cheering, holding a cup of tea
Ballard NW Senior Center (exterior)
rainbow bingo at Ballard NW Senior Center

Lake City-Northgate Senior Project

Lake City-Northgate Senior Project is a “virtual” senior center that is truly “a center without walls.” They connect older adults to the many activities and services available in Lake City and Northgate, as well as bring free and low-cost programs to their neighborhoods.

Go to Lake City-Northgate Senior Project website for more information.

group of Lake City Seniors
woman dancing at Lake City Seniors

Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Senior Center

shoreline lake forest park senior center logo

Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Senior Center serves the North End communities of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. The senior center offers a wide range of classes, activities, and services of interest to aging adults 50+.

Go to Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Senior Center website for more information.

two ladies preparing food
Shoreline Lake Forest Park Senior Center exterior
older woman exercising at Shoreline Lake Forest Park Senior Center

sno valley senior center logo

Sno-Valley Senior Center

Sno-Valley Senior Center has been serving the Sno-Valley area and its families since 1975. The senior center inspires, supports, and empowers older adults to lead healthy, enriched lives.

Go to Sno-Valley Senior Center website for more information.

sno valley older woman exercising
Sno valley senior center building exterior
older man at sno valley senior center playing cards

Senior Center of West Seattle

The Senior Center of West Seattle is the “Jewel of the Junction.” It is a multi-purpose center, where older adults may come together to fulfill many of their social, physical, and intellectual needs. The senior center is a bridge – a broad, two-way bridge – linking the loose knit senior community at large.

Go to Senior Center of West Seattle website for more information.

senior center west seattle bingo winner
older adults doing an activity

Other Senior Centers within King County

We are very proud to work with a wide variety of centers to deliver services throughout the county. Check out a map of where our services are offered at senior center sites.