Meet Fai Matthews, Meals on Wheels Delivery Driver

Sound Generations is committed to empowering aging adults to “Age Your Way.” This is directly aligned with the Older Americans Month theme this May! We believe that those we serve have the answers to their needs and we’re here to listen and provide as much support and guidance as needed. Today were featuring lessons learned from Fai, one of the faces of our Older American Month Campaign and dedicated Meals on Wheels team member. Support Older Americans Month today at…

Ray Puddicombe, Age 96

Congratulations to IPAA Defining Inspiration Award Winner, Ray Puddicombe. Sadly, Ray passed away before we were able to present him his award, but we were able to speak with his son and neighbor about his life and legacy. Thank you to Ray’s family and friends for sharing his story with us!

Juanita Galloway, Age 69

Juanita, age 69, is using her time in retirement to give back to those she cares about and make a difference in the world. Join us this week as we learn about her experience growing up in Seattle and her positive outlook on aging!
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We’re ignorant about each other – you can’t appreciate people if you don’t know them.

John Moore, Age 77

John, age 77, lives his life by focusing on three “silos of knowledge:” health, finance, and planning for what’s next. Join us this week as we learn about John’s core values and celebrate positive aging!
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“It’s just something that has to be accepted . . . from my perspective, I want to look forward and not backward.”

Mattie Taplin, Age 70

To Mattie Taplin, age is only a number. At 70 years old, Mattie is an EnhanceFitness instructor, avid dancer, and free spirit.

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“We are all going to age, it’s inevitable – there’s no way around it. But I think it’s important to embrace your aging!”