Volunteer with Meals on Wheels

As a Meals on Wheels volunteer, you’ll belong to a team committed to helping homebound older adults maintain their health and independence with nutritious food, personal contact, and caring service.

Help us fight hunger in King County by becoming a Meals on Wheels volunteer! 

woman delivering brown bag to elderly man

Current Meals on Wheels Volunteer Opportunities

Interested? Contact us at mealsonwheels@soundgenerations.org or call (206) 448-5767. Training is provided for all positions. Here is how you can help:

  • Volunteer Site Coordinators*
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Callers/Office Support
  • Packers

*requires additional training

Federal Way

  • Delivery Driver: A volunteer is needed to deliver meals in Federal Way Thursday mornings, when one of the weekly drivers will be away.  Drivers pick up meals between 8 am – 9 am and are typically done with their route in 1 – 2 hours.  This is an on-going volunteer commitment and mileage is reimbursable while making deliveries.
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Other Ways To Support Meals on Wheels

You can get involved in more ways than one. Leverage your network by fundraising online for Sound Generations! We have a free fundraising toolkit to get your started on your fundraising journey.

Make Cards for Meals on Wheels Recipients

A hand-made card from a caring person can really brighten an older adult’s day. Whether you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day or planning an activity for your youth group or office, all you need is your creativity, some paper, and any other art supplies you have. Remember to make your cards general enough, so they will suit any recipient. You can write messages like, “Have a good day”, “Happy spring or fall”, and/or include an inspirational quote or silly joke. You could also share something about yourself, like where you are from.

  • Please no glitter or “get well” messages.
  • Envelopes are not necessary. If included, please do not seal them.
  • Please mail cards to our main downtown office: Sound Generations Meals On Wheels, 2208 2nd Ave Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98121. 

Host a Party to Benefit Meals on Wheels

Do-Good parties are an excellent way to promote giving, service, and helping others, all while having a blast. You can even combine this with card making for Meals on Wheels recipients! If it’s a birthday party or other event where people may typically bring a gift, consider asking guests to make a donation to Meals on Wheels in lieu of a present.

We’d love to hear how your party went. Pictures or stories about your event can be sent to mealsonwheels@soundgenerations.org, or you can tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Don’t worry about size or money raised – every bit helps us bring service to marginalized and underserved older adults.

Responses from Clients

older woman with scarf on her head

“To all the volunteers/staff [at] Sound Generations. I would like to thank you all for caring. I really appreciate what you’re doing and having an organization like Meals on Wheels. I got back my health… I hope I can give back someday. Thanks again to all of you. You’re all wonderful.”

– Rosalind, Meals On Wheels Client
elderly woman with younger daughter/caretaker

“Thank you for this service. I just received my first order today. Excellent service from the coordinators and the volunteer delivery folks…. I’m recovering from surgery, and it was difficult for me to fix something to eat. Thank you, Meals on Wheels. You made life so much easier for me.”

– Irene, Meals On Wheels Client