Inspire Positive Aging Awards Nominations

Every year, Sound Generations hosts the Inspire Positive Aging Awards (IPAA) and recognizes and celebrates the contributions that older adults make in our communities.

Anyone can nominate an older adult that inspires them for the IPAA. Nominees need only be 60 or older and live in King County, WA.

In 2019, we received a record 64 nominations! Submissions for the 2020 Inspire Positive Aging Awards will be open January 28 – May 8.

IPAA nominator and nominee

Award Categories

Is there an older adult that inspires you? The Inspire Positive Aging Awards recognizes individuals in the following categories:

Community Service

Express your gratitude for someone who helps others through activities such as…

  • Volunteering at a non-profit organization, faith-based organization, senior center, community center, or civic or cultural group and taking responsibility for volunteer activities.
  • Offering to help others in an informal capacity such as organizing neighborhood block watches or caring for others’ family members.

NOTE: We receive many nominations in this category, so if this person’s volunteerism involves another category, you may consider nominating them for that area. For instance, volunteering at a school is relevant to Intergenerational Impact.

Advocacy & Activism

Recognize someone who works towards positive change through activities such as…

  • Promoting a cause such as the environment, housing, transit, or criminal justice.
  • Participating in groups that advance people’s rights such as a political campaign, veterans group, union, neighborhood association, or cultural organization.
  • Promoting the rights of a group that is marginalized on the basis of race, class, gender, sexual identity, nationality, culture, faith or any other reason.
  • Supporting leaders in advocacy. For example, the 2017 Award Recipient, Feanette Black Bear, was an advocate for the indigenous community in King County and also participated in protests against drilling at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

Health & Wellness

Celebrate someone who promotes healthy living by doing things such as…

  • Teaching or participating in fitness classes, sports, dance, yoga or tai chi.
  • Working in the field of healthcare or serving as a caregiver (paid or unpaid).
  • Promoting well-being through activities such as counseling or leading a support group.
  • Taking great care of themselves and inspiring others to adopt healthy habits.

Intergenerational Impact

Acknowledge someone who improves life for those of all ages through activities such as…

  • Tutoring or mentoring younger people in academic achievement.
  • Coaching an athletic team or engaging youth in the arts.
  • Changing minds about the value of elders.

NOTE: They do not necessarily need to work with youth – just people who are younger than them.

Lifelong Learning

Show your appreciation for someone who inspires you to broaden your horizons by doing activities such as…

  • Taking or teaching classes to explore new interests and learn new skills.
  • Participating in a group that promotes creative expression. For instance: a choir, band, dance group, book club, writing group, or craft club.
  • Working, volunteering, or serving on the board of any institution that promotes public education. For instance: a museum, library, or university.
  • Regularly helping others learn and share their wisdom. For example, the 2017 Award Recipient, Kelsi Watson, who is legally blind, is active with her senior center’s dance group and membership meetings.

Defining Inspiration

Recognize a single person whose attributes have touched and inspired you in a unique way.

The Defining Inspiration category recognizes that inspiration can be defined in different ways for different people. If you know a person who has personally touched and inspired you, this is the place to tell us about them. Are you inspired by their journey? Do you know someone who makes the ordinary beautiful and embodies the simple joy of long life? Tell us about them!