GiveBIG Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum donation amount? Is there a maximum donation amount?
The minimum donation is $10. There is no maximum donation amount.

When will my schedule donation be applied?
A donor’s scheduled donation will process on May 8, 2019. GiveBIG anticipates distributing these 2019 funds three to four weeks after the event.

What’s the benefit of “early giving” before May 8?
Early giving allows you to schedule your donation before May 8. Travel, work and other responsibilities create busy lives and early giving ensures that you have the opportunity to donate when it’s convenient and top of mind. Because these gifts are processed in the early hours of the event, it also helps the nonprofit organization(s) you donate to get a good start to the day. Your early giving will encourage other donors to give.

I’m having issues scheduling or making a donation. Who can I contact for support?
You may contact:

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