Dealing with Depression

The PEARLS Program is a highly effective method designed to reduce depressive symptoms and improve quality of life in older adults.

During six to eight sessions that focus on brief behavioral techniques, PEARLS Program counselors empower individuals to take to action and make lasting changes so that they can lead more active and rewarding lives.

The PEARLS Program…

  • Focuses on teaching each client the skills necessary to move to action and make lasting life changes
  • Is designed to be delivered in the community, primarily through existing service-provision programs
  • Takes a team-based approach, involving PEARLS counselors, supervising psychiatrists and medical providers
  • Aims to improve quality of life as well as reduce depressive symptoms
  • Is well-suited for individuals with chronic illness

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Where can I find a PEARLS counselor?

Sound Generations offers PEARLS at senior and community centers in King County.  Download current list of sites where PEARLS counseling is offered.