Introducing our Updated Mission & Vision Statements

Throughout 2022, the organization dedicated time and energy to collectively analyze our mission and how we talk about the work we are doing for the aging community. With diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of our minds, we created a Mission & Vision that is grounded in our new values to be service-minded, foster community, uphold DEI, lead with compassion, embrace collaboration, and act with integrity. 

We are delighted to share our updated Mission & Vision with you. 

Our mission is to partner with older adults to provide accessible and inclusive services so they can age their way.

We envision a responsive, multigenerational community that recognizes and fulfills the diverse and changing needs of everyone as we age.

Your dedication to helping us carry this work forward through service delivery to aging adults in 2023 is needed now more than ever.  With your help, we feel confident in our vision of a society where aging is vibrant, supported, and appreciated. 

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