Meals on Wheels – Combating Food Insecurity and Loneliness This Holiday Season

Ken, an older white man in a stripped shirt, stands outside holding a bag full of meals

As we embrace the festive spirit of the holiday season, it’s crucial to acknowledge the challenges faced by members of our community, especially during times of unprecedented demand. This month, we’re bringing attention to a pressing issue affecting many—food insecurity and loneliness among the elderly. 

Currently, Meals On Wheels is confronted with a waitlist of over 900 people, underscoring the escalating need for community support.  

In the spirit of giving, this holiday season, let’s unite in making a meaningful impact on the lives of our aging neighbors.

Your support has the power to transform a solitary day into one brimming with nourishment and companionship. 

Discover more about our Meals on Wheels program, exploring the profound impact of this initiative in addressing the dual challenges of food insecurity and loneliness. Together, we can make this holiday season brighter for those in need.