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  • Woman with short hair in red shirt Sound Generations Caregiver Support

    Having support is key to maintaining your own emotional & physical health.

    Our Caregiver advocates offer free, confidential and personalized services to unpaid caregivers residing in King County who are caring for an adult 18 years old or older.

  • two seniors smiling and reseing their heads on one another Sound Generations: Inspiring Positive Aging Since 1967 Sound Generations supports people on their aging journey through community connections and accessible services.
  • Community Dining Chef Cooking Food Over Stove Building Community One Meal at a Time Community Dining is comprised of 19 dining sites that pre-pandemic, were congregate meals sites to increase socialization and peer connections. Most of them now function as congregate AND delivery or to-go meal service sites.
  • Celebrating National Senior Center Month September is National Senior Center Month, and Sound Generations is celebrating our senior center partner sites that stepped up and continued to deliver these vital connections and for older adults during the pandemic.
  • Life Through Aging Eyes Life Through Aging Eyes shows you how Sound Generations continues to bring vital services to our aging friends, family, and neighbors in King County.
  • Connecting Communities Through Transportation Sound Generations tells the story of how Transportation using the Hyde Shuttle and Volunteer Transportation keeps older adults engaged in their community.
  • Through The Eyes of a Service Provider Being a driver for our program is so much more than transporting meals. Julian sees himself as a therapist, counselor, friend, and a family member for his clients as well.
  • Four Caregivers, One Community A wife, a daughter, a son, a mom: Four caregivers share why they turned to Sound Generations for relief, knowledge, and care.
  • Sound Generations’ Hyde Shuttle How your support allows homebound seniors to stay connected to their communities and avoid social isolation.
  • A group of older women putting their hands together Wired to Be One Join the Lake City Seniors as they celebrate what makes them unique in this stunning display of community!

Sound Generations History

  • Year in Review: 2021 2021: A Year in Review What a year 2021 has been! Join Chief Marketing and Philanthropy Officer Brittany Blue as we explore the year's triumphs. Cheers to 2022!
  • 2020: Year in Review Let's take a walk through 2020 and see how we were able to overcome last year's challenges to start 2021 stronger than ever
  • The Journey Sound Generations needs your help! Volunteer today and make a difference in your community.
  • 2019: Year in Review As we end the decade, we want to share with you our reflections, accomplishments, and plans for the new year.


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