Older Americans Month

Sound Generations is proud to celebrate Older Americans Month this May! This year’s theme is Aging Unbound, which offers an opportunity to explore diverse aging experiences and discuss how communities can combat stereotypes. Join us in promoting flexible thinking about aging and how we all benefit when older adults remain engaged, independent, and included.

It’s important to remember that aging in place doesn’t have to mean doing it alone. Sound Generations offers a range of programs and services to support older adults aging their way. From Food Security and Transportation to Health & Wellness and Assistance Services, we are here to help older adults maintain their independence and quality of life.

Your gifts of time, advocacy, and donations make a real difference in the lives of older adults in our community. Together, we can create a safety net of resources and support for older adults to thrive.

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Last year, you helped us raise over $83,000 to support older adults and adults with disabilitiesJoin us once again as we aspire to raise over $90,000 so our aging neighbors can lead a full life which makes our community stronger and healthier as result.  

Your donations allow our organization to ensure older adults have access to essential basic services. We are all aging. The more we help each other, the better our community is for all who reside in it. 

Ways to Get Involved

Sound Generations needs you to help us highlight and create lasting support in the month of May for the strength and inspiration older adults showcase all year round.  It is your generous gifts that create the safety net of resources and support they need to thrive. We hope you will give today to help us to continue to serve our mission of partnering with older adults to provide accessible and inclusive services so they can age their way while encouraging others to join you in your support of this important cause.  

This year’s theme for Older Americans Month is “Aging Unbound” To support our efforts in changing the narrative around aging, we will be highlighting this year’s Inspire Positive Aging Awards (IPAA) Nomination Class. If reading about these amazing individuals is not enough, join us at this year’s IPAA Luncheon on June 7th at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington where they will all be gathered in person. We hope you enjoy this showcase of our mission in action!