Outreach & Options Counseling

The Pathways Community Support Specialists are available to work with clients face-to-face.

In addition to our downtown location, our specialists provide the same information & assistance along with options counseling at several King County locations. Call for an appointment.

Lake City Community Center – 1st, 3rd Wednesday of each month – 206.727.6222

Redmond, Together Center – 1st Fri – 206.727.6254

Seattle, El Centro de la Raza – 2nd and 4th Friday – 206.268.6744

Individual Options Counseling

When you need additional support around a transition or change in your life (such as a new health condition, recent move, or change in social network), our specialists can meet with you one-on-one.

They will help you identify your strengthsĀ andĀ goals, and develop a personalized action plan. Specialists will help you tap into community support networks and connect with existing resources.

They call you to provide follow up on your progress towards goals and assess next steps.

To be eligible for options counseling, you must be 60 years of age or older, or 18 years or older with a disability.