Help older adults in your community

The Gateway program encourages people to identify at-risk older adults, particularly those who are isolated, living alone, and potentially in need of assistance. Very often, vulnerable people do not self-refer. Early identification of at-risk elders can prevent premature institutionalization, abuse and neglect.  By participating you help keep elders safe and create a more supportive community for people of all ages. Anyone can participate in our Gateway Program – all you need is the desire to help others.

Common signs of an elder at risk

Unkempt appearance
Strong odors on person and/or in home
Depression, confusion, forgetfulness
Substance abuse
Caregiver stress
Financial and social problems
Physical losses
Yard and/or pets neglected
Home needs repair find out more about the Gateway program

Find out more:

Call 206-448-3110, 1-888-435-3377 or email the Gateway Program.

What information do you report?

Whenever possible, you are asked to provide the following information:

Elder’s name and phone number
Age, if known
Address or directions to elder’s residence or whereabouts
A brief description of concerns
Your name, telephone number and address

What happens after a person is referred to Pathways I&A by a Gateway participant?

After contacting the individual and discussing their situation, we refer the client to the appropriate community services, including case management, mental health services, personal care, chore services and transportation. If the older adult refuses intervention, we must determine whether or not they are sufficiently at risk to warrant referral to Adult Protective Services or a Mental Health Professional. In some cases, our staff continue to monitor the client’s progress, but will not refer for services until the older adult is ready. Staff do not terminate contact until they are sure that the older adult is safe and getting the assistance that they need. We follow up with Gateway referents so you know the situation is being handled. To maintain confidentiality, details cannot be shared.