Volunteer Transportation

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Volunteer transportation driver and client outside the appointment place

Are you an older adult, or do you know one that requires help getting to and from medical appointments, dental appointments, food access, or a senior center? Our Volunteer Transportation program provides free, personalized, and safe transportation to essential healthcare appointments and needs.

The team consists of over 160 volunteers who dedicate their time to assisting older adults with limited transportation options. Our volunteer drivers are compassionate and patient, and will wait with the client until they are ready to return home. The older adults who use Volunteer Transportation are greatly appreciative for the helping hand and moral support.

Rider Eligibility

To be an eligible rider for our Volunteer Transportation program, clients must be:

  • King County, WA residents ages 60 and over
  • Able to transfer into a private vehicle with minimal assistance
  • An older adult with limited transportation options

Schedule a Ride with Volunteer Transportation

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(206) 448-5740 or 1-800-282-5815

Important Scheduling Information

Please read the following important ride scheduling information. No forms are required to schedule a ride.

  • Rides must be called in the Tuesday prior to any appointments the following week.
  • Scheduling hours are weekdays 8 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
  • Caregivers or family may ride with prior notice.
  • Have all trip details ready (date, time, duration, location, etc.)
  • All rides are dependent upon driver availability.