Volunteer Transportation Opportunities

You can help aging adults maintain their health and independence by becoming a volunteer driver. Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to take older adults to essential medical, dental, vision, or other healthcare appointments. We need your help so we may continue to meet the growing demands for transportation service. You can make a crucial difference in the lives of older adults.

This volunteer opportunity is extremely flexible! We work with your schedule, allowing volunteers to pick the days, times, frequency, and areas they wish to drive. Transportation is one of the top challenges for people as they age. Our Volunteer Transportation program is perfect for those seeking meaningful, fulfilling opportunities, while maintaining an independent schedule.

Becoming a Volunteer Driver

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If you have questions before applying, please email our program at vts@soundgenerations.org

Why Become a Volunteer Driver?

Volunteer Transportation drivers are some of the first touch points within our community. Drivers use their own vehicles to transport older adults with limited transportation options to essential medical, dental, or other health-related appointments or services. As a volunteer driver, you will be able to:

  • Choose the times, days, and areas you wish to drive
  • Receive supplemental liability insurance at no cost
  • Engage directly with people in your local community
  • Do no heavy lifting or bearing of weight

Responses from Clients

lady helping older woman out of car

“When I am with the volunteer drivers, they take good care of me like family. I am able to tell my family, so they do not have to worry.”

– Linda, Volunteer Transportation Client
man helping older man into car

“You don’t know how much this helps me. All my life, I prided myself on my independence, but when I could no longer drive, that all changed. [The Volunteer Transportation program has] been a tremendous help, and everyone is so courteous.”

– Philip, Volunteer Transportation Client