Requesting Community Aid

older man who is ill with his wife

Sound Generations continues to serve the community in spite of the disruption with some of our programs more affected than others. We are doing everything we can to be creative and flexible in the face of the emerging COVID-19 findings. As you might imagine, the proactive measures we are taking to reduce the spread of the disease amongst staff, volunteers, and the high risk population we serve while maintain business operations and minimizing the impact to our aging neighbors, carries significant additional costs and presents new and logistical challenges. We appreciate your willingness to help us meet emerging needs each day.

What can I do to help?

Donate Goods

Our Community Dining program seeks donations of injeta bread. Our Meals on Wheels programs are seeking new grocery-sized paper bags with handles for meal deliveries.


While the outpour of concern to ensure the needs of aging adult are met is greatly appreciated,  we need to keep our phone lines open to serve those most in need. 

It is great to see individuals from the community coming together to help our most vulnerable populations. We sincerely appreciate the groups and individuals coming to us with their concerns and desire to help.  The greatest impact one can make right now is through monetary and in-kind donations.

In the meantime, if you would like to advocate, start a workplace campaign, or help us fundraise to ensure the needs of older adults will be taken care of, make an online donation or consider fundraising online for Sound Generations.