The Power of Human Connection

Image of two older adults in dark clothing smiling and hugging each other
Storytelling image of a multiethnic senior couple in love – Elderly married couple dating outdoors, love emotions and feelings

Sound Generations is about changing the narrative around aging. We use this phrase all the time. Through the work that we do and the programs we provide, we are always striving to paint a new series of images that portray a vibrant, balanced, and independent life. Independent, however, does not mean the same thing as alone.

It is no hyperbole that human connection can save lives. Time and time again we have recognized the devastating impact of isolation on the physical and mental wellbeing of older adults living alone throughout the ongoing pandemic. Limited access to transportation, food insecurity, and barriers to maintaining regular social interaction with friends and loved ones takes a heavy toll on many of the individuals we serve.

Our programs have been created to help fill the gaps in nutrition, wellness, transit, and other common areas of need, but fostering a strong community support network alongside all of that is how we can ensure that older adults are set up to thrive. And it doesn’t take much to make a big difference in someone’s day and show that you care about them. Something as simple as a text or phone call to a loved one or checking up on a neighbor to see how they’re doing and if they need anything, can help those around us feel a little safer and more supported.

If you would like to be that person in your community that others can count out, download this simple Neighbor Postcard to print, fill out, and drop off in the mailbox of your aging community members.

Kindness and care are more powerful than ever right now. We hope you will help us in sharing love and support for those in need.