Volunteer Appreciation Month

Volunteer Appreciation Month Graphic

Volunteering in the time of the pandemic is more complicated than in normal circumstances. For many of us, the most difficult challenge COVID-19 presents isn’t social distancing or staying home, but rather sitting on the sidelines as we watch or read about the pain and suffering the virus is causing all around us.  

Research has confirmed what most of us know in our gut. Volunteering and helping others doesn’t just help the people or the cause that you’re giving your time and energy to; it can help you feel better, too. Volunteering can decrease feelings of depression, increase life satisfaction, and improve overall well-being, according to an analysis published in BMC Public Health. This was the mindset of Nikita Daharia who was looking for an outlet from her feelings of hopelessness and her discontent with lack of human connection. She came across Sound Generations, an organized system, that was helping less fortunate diverse older adults in a multitude of ways and this was appealing to her.


Image of Female Volunteer

Nikita, a newly graduated medical school student who recently relocated to the states, was looking for a way to hone her skills while making a valuable contribution to her community. She wanted to offer her gifts of skill and time. “Volunteering at Sound Generations has allowed me to see how much I take for granted and see how my weekly administrative commitment makes a profound impact on the well-being of older adults.”  She further shared that, “It’s important to take time out of one’s day to help others. As a society we have a responsibility to help each other and individuals who cannot always help themselves.” 

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month, we appreciate everyone who has lent their time to support our aging neighbors. Sound Generations is always looking for helping hands.  Please lend your support today! 

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