Volunteer Appreciation Month

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”- Helen Keller

Our programs at Sound Generations and our Community Partner Sites across King County would not be made possible without the compassion, dedication and countless hours that our volunteers put in. Please sign up today and make a difference within your community. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Norah Erwin-Stewart, Information & Advocacy Director:
“Volunteers enable us to stretch our program’s reach further, and inspire us to work better; our volunteers are at the heart of everything we do!”

Volunteer Transportation:
“I have laughed with some of them, learned from some of them, and for others have simply lent a sympathetic ear…I started out wanting to be of service to my community. It turns out that volunteering with Sound Generations has been beneficial to me also. Making new friends, learning from them, and providing a much needed service, how can you beat that!” – Jean Fielder, Volunteer Transportation driver

“It’s a pleasure working with so many committed and dedicated volunteers who genuinely care about the lives of seniors in their communities.” – Volunteer Transportation Team       

Meals on Wheels:
“We are grateful to our 300+ Meals on Wheels volunteers that not only help provide nutritious meals but offer our participants a connection to the community. We’ve had many participants tell us how much they look forward to seeing and speaking with the volunteers each week, some have even shared it’s their reason for getting dressed that day.” 

“I would like to thank the (volunteer) delivery drivers – they are very friendly, taking time to chat with me, checking to see how I am doing, they brighten my day.” – Meals on Wheels client

Health & Wellness:
Our volunteers enable us to provide workshops and classes all over King County that help support older adults and those with chronic health conditions remain independent and live healthy lives.”

Community Dining:
“Our program would not be possible without the dedicated and hardworking volunteers who are the essential part of the program. Our volunteers make a difference!”

Hyde Shuttle:
“We appreciate our Hyde Shuttle volunteer drivers who donate their time and care to our Shoreline and Sno-Valley communities.”

“You only need a heart full of grace.
A soul generated by love.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


Jean Fielder, Volunteer Transportation Driver