Members of Former Bellevue Christian Church Donates Meals on Wheels Van

Dale Hoover of Sound Generations accepting a former gift from Bellevue Christian Church

When members of the former Bellevue Christian Church (BCC) noticed their membership aging and declining in number, they decided it was time to let go of the large church building where they had gathered for many years. While the decision was not easy, it had a silver lining–the remaining members of the group would use ten percent of the proceeds from the sale to give back to various community causes.

In discussing which organizations to support with the sale, Sound Generations’ Meals on Wheels came up as a natural fit. The church had already been donating to the program on a yearly basis, but this time they wanted to make an extra special gift.

During a visit to the warehouse, Outreach Chair Jim Richards learned that one of the vans had stopped working and was beyond repair. After speaking with program staff, he and his committee decided to donate funds for a replacement van.

Meals on Wheels van donated by funds from the sale of the former Bellevue Christian Church

“We were very happy to be able to add another car to the fleet,” said Jim. “As an organization with a lot of seniors, it makes sense for us to support Meals on Wheels.”

Sound Generations is incredibly grateful for the support for their Meals on Wheels program, which delivers more than 400,000 nutritious meals per year to 2,300 individuals throughout King County. The ability to fund a new van helps offset costs at a time when government funding is precarious.

Former BCC members, now composed of roughly twenty people, still periodically meet at various locations such as St. Peter’s Methodist Church in Bellevue. Other causes they have supported include addressing homelessness, supporting families and children, and helping people find health resources.

“We’re glad that the community will be able to benefit from the time we were a congregation,” Richards said.