Older Adults are Grateful for Meals on Wheels

Senior couple on their 70s wearing a protective face mask picking up the shopping box that granddaughter is delivering in times of COVID-19, she is wearing mask and gloves.

Over this past year, inflation in the greater Seattle area has skyrocketed to over 10% (source: https://www.bls.gov/regions/west/news-release/consumerpriceindex_seattle.htm) and older adults living on low or fixed incomes are among the hardest hit groups in our communities.  

The rising costs of both groceries and transportation make the barrier between aging communities and access to regular, nutritious meals that much harder to overcome without help. For decades, Meals on Wheels has been a service that older adults and adults with disabilities can depend on, disrupting food insecurity by delivering ready-made meals right to their door. 

But Meals on Wheels has also been affected by the soaring inflation rate, and continuing to offer service throughout King County is significantly more expensive than it was in 2021, with the average cost of service rising from $10 per meal to $12 per meal. And Meals on Wheels has provided over 425,000 meals so far this year! 

Food Security is among the most fundamental essential needs for all of us, but now is the time to step in where we can and help ensure that our aging neighbors can continue to be fed and healthy amidst all of the economic challenges and uncertainty. 

There are 3 disabled people in this household. Ages 97, 68, and 22.  
Social Security is our only income.  
Meals on Wheels allows us to stay in our home.

Anonymous Meals on Wheels Client