Pencil and Paper and Painting, Oh My!

watercolorArt and creative expression holds a multitude of benefits for older adults. Art has been proven to improve cognitive performance, increase self-esteem, and decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. And there’s many ways for older adults to express themselves through art.

Arts, Crafts & Expression

Sketching, Drawing, Coloring

With the accessibility of a simple pencil and paper, almost anyone can practice art through sketching, drawing, or coloring. Practicing this art form improves focus and offer meditative relief.


Whether you enjoy watercolor, acrylic, or oils, painting has shown to improve memory, relieve stress, and promote positive feelings. While it can be messier than some of the other forms of art, that may just be the beauty of it!


Cameras have become of the most accessible tools for art. You don’t even have to be experienced to take a good photo. Family, pets, nature, and yourself can all make wonderful subjects of any photo.


Scrapbooking is a smart way to upcycle old materials or photos into something to cherish forever. Many individuals use scrapbooking as a social opportunity to get out and share scrapbooks or techniques with others that are invested in the popular hobby.


Pottery, woodworking, or other physical sculpting mediums are a popular form of art for that hands-on feeling. It can be theraputic for some, as you consider a subject to model from.


Writing, poetry, and other forms of literary art can help with understanding a deeper sense of yourself. It also improves verbal engagement, literacy, and memory.


Music is one of the art forms that can be enjoyed actively or passively, whether you’re the one playing or the one listening. Music has been around for as long as people have, which makes this art form so ingrained within us.


Coinciding with music, dance has taken on many forms of physical expression. Interpretive dance, tango, tap, ballroom, and more! This art form improves coordination and strength.

How Can My Art Help Others?

Art brings a smile to our clients’ faces! We love receiving hand-made cards, letters, or other art made to benefit the wellbeing of an older adult or disabled person.

Art is better with others! Consider hosting a painting party or other event in honor of the older adults in your community. Do-Good parties are an excellent way to promote giving, service, and helping others, all while having a blast. If it’s a birthday party or other event where people may typically bring a gift, consider asking guests to make a donation in lieu of a present.

We’d love to hear how your party went. Pictures or stories about your event can be sent emailed to us, or you can tag us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram! Don’t worry about size or money raised – every bit helps us bring service to marginalized and underserved older adults.

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Where Can I Attend An Art Class?

Senior centers are a great place to socialize with a diversity of people and have fun with a variety of classes. Learn more about what your local senior center offers.