Staying Connected with the Sno-Valley Senior Center

The Sno-Valley Senior Center, which has been faithfully serving the Sno-Valley and Carnation area since 1975, is a leading with care and safety in mind.

card games at the Sno-Valley Senior Center

The staff and volunteers at the senior center had to make quick changes to ensure the safety of their members. “If a staff person leaves their office, they are wearing a mask. All of the staff and volunteers who work on the lunch program are wearing masks and gloves. We have also started contact tracing for those who come into the center…” according to Kira Avery, Program Coordinator for the Sno-Valley Senior Center.

In a recent feedback survey sent out to Sno-Valley Senior Center members, one issue stood out above food or transportation- human connection. Maintaining social relationships has never been more important. It can be difficult to feel connected in a world where you can’t remember the last time you saw friends and family in person.

The Sno-Valley Senior Center is doing the most it can to bring that connection to its members, while maintaining distance. Some no-contact activities that the senior center has started doing is FanFest Trivia nights over Zoom and social worker check-in calls. Avery continues to state, “The community understands that we are doing our best with virtual programming and one-on-one appointments, while trying to keep them, our volunteers, and staff safe.” While this doesn’t solve the isolation problem entirely, it’s a step in the right direction.

The Sno-Valley Senior Center is using the Safe Start Washington plan as a guide for when the senior center will reopen. In the meantime, they are providing weekly virtual programming, which can be found on their website’s event calendar.

Get In Touch with the Sno-Valley Senior Center

If you or someone you know is feeling lonely or isolated, call the staff at the Sno-Valley Senior Center at 425.333.4152 and they will periodically call you and provide social support.