Aging in Place Your Way

asian woman and mother or grandmother enjoying each other's company with smiles

What is aging in place?

The idea of aging in place refers to the desire of many older adults to live out later years in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, without needing to sacrifice their quality of life.

Naturally, aging presents a lot of new obstacles that might not have previously been challenges, such as using the stairs or doing certain routine household tasks. This is when it can be helpful for some to have a little extra support in the form of a caregiver or access to a supportive community. Making some simple adjustments to help make getting around the house a little easier, and bringing in the resource of friendship and socialization at senior centers with peers, activities, and support groups can be a good step toward aging in place positively.

Here are some simple ways to ensure that you or a loved one continue to age in place safely.

Installing railings & grab bars. As mobility and balance changes with aging, having easy-to-grab railings and bars in bathrooms, on stairs, and in other areas of the home can provide easy assistance for an older adult living at home alone.

Making a transportation plan. Sometimes older adults are no longer able to comfortably drive themselves to get from place to place. Having alternative plans like using public transportation or a personalized shuttle service can help aging in place easier by ensuring that you can always get where you need to go.

Having a supported caregiver around to help. Having another person around to help with daily activities like chores, meals, or personal hygiene tasks can be a comfort for someone living alone. Sometimes family members step in to provide this assistance, but we recognize that caregivers often need their own care and support too.

Aging in place your way provides the chance to maintain a comfortable and fulfilling life at home. Sound Generations programs in Minor Home Repair, Transportation Services, and Caregiver Support, are here to help older adults and those who love them in the transition of aging positively in place, whatever that may look like for them.