Interview with Debbie, Top Fundraiser for Heroes Against Hunger

Image of woman smiling in red shirt with brown jacket and flowers behind her.

Thank you to Haggen Woodinville for raising $38,336,31 for older adults in need of nutritious meals, half of which will go directly to Sound Generations! Debbie, the top fundraiser at the Haggen Woodinville location, had this to say about supporting our cause:

“I’ve worked at Haggen for almost 21 years, I know it’s a long time. It’s been a good job. It’s always fun to do the fundraisers I always like to see what the numbers are because I’m competitive that way and I just like to see how much we can raise. There have been very generous people as you can tell. And you know, all I do is ask if they would like to donate. I don’t really go too much into it unless they ask and then I will tell them about it but, for me that’s the best way. I don’t want to be too intrusive because I don’t think that’s my place and if they say ‘yes’ I ask well what would you like to donate and we’ll leave it at that.  

So I’m single, I have one daughter. She’s 25 and doesn’t live at home anymore. I was born in Seattle, I’m not from the Woodinville area. I live in Seattle, North Seattle. Not the best part of town but you know, it is what it is.  

Mostly I talk about my daughter because she’s the most important person. I live by myself.  

I’ve made a lot of connections here and seen a lot of people come and go. Especially this time of year, due to the pandemic, it’s hard for everybody. I think everybody has had a lot of hardships. Especially for the Meals on Wheels; there are so many more people that are housebound and feel like they can’t get out, especially the elderly, that’s me included. I’ve been very very fortunate that I’ve been healthy enough to continue to work and not housebound because I know there are a lot of people my age who are not able to get out and I’ve been blessed with those genes.  

I try to be connected to every fundraiser that we have but I will admit this is the fundraiser I have been able to raise the most money for. People have donated the most to this fundraiser, which I think is amazing. I’ve never garnered this much before. I was shocked.” 

Thank you Debbie for supporting older adults all across King County!