GiveBIG Thanks & Celebrating Older American’s Month

Help Us Set Pace for the Best Year Yet!

THANK YOU!  We sincerely appreciate the generosity of our GiveBIG donors who gave from their hearts last Wednesday and raised $27,829 for aging adults and adults with disabilities in King County!


These donors allow our organization to ensure older adults have access to essential basic services so that they can lead their best lives. They say it takes a village and we are deeply honored to those who were motivated to GiveBIG.

There’s still time to donate if you did not have an opportunity to give on May 8th. We are excited to announce an expanded giving drive in honor of Older Americans’ Month for the ENTIRE MONTH of May! Nearly 60,000 aging adults and their caregivers that we support are counting on us and we cannot do this alone.


Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Sound Generations and our Community Partner Sites are closed on Monday, January 21 as we pay tribute to the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is still a long road ahead to achieve his dream of equity and justice for all.

• King County’s growth between 1990-2010 have mainly been from people of color.
• By 2025, one in four older adults in our region will be age 65 or older.

Now, more than ever, aging seniors’ voices are critically needed in discussions regarding equity and inclusion.

“You may go on and live until you are 90, but you’re just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90!…You died when you refused to stand up for right. You died when you refused to stand up for truth. You died when you refused to stand up for justice.”  – MLK, Jr., 1967

Here are several MLK events in our area:

The Enhance Wellness Path

Written by Glen Felias-Christensen RN, MPH / EnhanceWellness Counselor & T-Trainer and featured in the Sound Generations Positive Aging Newsletter (Spring 2018):

Envision a winding path…one that leads to a vista overlooking a mountain range. From this vista we can see far beyond to what feels unreachable, yet still inspiring. EnhanceWellness is like this path – a path that guides us to reach our “life vistas” – where we can envision what is possible for us.

From this vista, the most visible is often the mountain range. These mountains represent the many programs offered by Sound Generations: Meals on Wheels; EnhanceFitness; Matter of Balance; Senior Center activities and support groups; workshops to develop skills for managing chronic conditions; Hyde Shuttle transportation services and many more. We may know they exist, but we may not understand their value or know how to access them. EnhanceWellness creates a bridge that connects participants to these and other programs that provide a foundation for well-being.

Beyond the mountains shines the sun with its rays reaching towards the sky, representing the things we want to touch but are beyond our reach. Through their partnership with EnhanceWellness Counselors, participants find support and guidance to identify the health goals that are important to them, and the steps they can take to reach those goals. EnhanceWellness brings participants closer to the values that guide their actions and bring meaning to their lives. It empowers participants to make their own choices. On the path to reaching their goals, participants find Confidence, Well-being, Independence, Connection, Purpose and more.

Now a T-Trainer for the EnhanceWellness program, my initial exposure to this program took place in 1996 when I saw a job opening for a Geriatric EnhanceWellness Nurse at Northshore Senior Center. Fascinated by the job description, I applied for the position, was interviewed, but passed over due to my lack of geriatric nursing experience. I remember thinking what a great job it would be someday….

Twelve years later out of the blue, an employee of Sound Generations whom I knew sent me notice about an
opening for the very same job at the very same senior center! This time, I got the job. Since then, serving as an
EnhanceWellness Counselor has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. The changes I’ve
witnessed in the participants whom I’ve had the privilege to work with have been transformative, not only for them but for me as well. The wisdom I’ve learned from these seniors is priceless. I also feel much gratitude for the opportunity to help the EnhanceWellness program grow in my role as its T-Trainer.

My vision of EnhanceWellness as a path that leads to a vista was inspired by my recent yoga/hiking retreat in
Peru that culminated with a 2100 feet climb up Mt. Machu Picchu overlooking the famous ruins. It was a climb I had
expected not to complete, considering my fear of heights and tendency for vertigo. But with the support of my
fellow “yogis” and our Peruvian guide, hard work, and the lessons I have personally learned from serving as an
EnhanceWellness Counselor, I managed to overcome my fears and complete that 4 hour, stair-climbing hike. From
my “life vista” above Machu Picchu, I was reminded that what seems unreachable CAN be possible with support
and a lot of little steps.

Engage in Every Way – Older American’s Month

“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.”—Dr. Suess

May is Older American’s Month across the nation. As this month comes to a close, we want to remind everyone that Sound Generations is here to meet older adults where they’re at in the aging process so they can (A)ctively (G)enerate (E)mpowerment in their overall health.

For over 50 years, thanks to your support, Sound Generations has been passionate about positive aging and remains committed to older adults. We serve the needs of older adults from the frail elder who requires support in daily living to the healthy, active older adult seeking volunteer and leadership opportunities. King County is home to an increasingly diverse aging population that will represent one quarter of all adults by 2025. Statistics further show, one in four 65 year olds will live past the age of 90. While we celebrate the increase in lifespan, maintaining health while aging comes with a price.

At Sound Generations, we recognize these individuals and groups are at higher risk of poor health. We provide a multitude of ways for older adults, adults with disabilities, and those that care about them to engage with us and utilize our services to lead their best lives possible. With resources, services, and human connections—those from all abilities, income levels, and cultures can lead full happy and healthy lives. Often times, inspiring their peers to do the same. Furthermore, their mental attitude about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle regimen improves.

Our programs are a continuum of integrated services encompassing food security, shelter, health and wellness, and
community to support a healthy, safe, and engaged life for older adults and adults with disabilities. Our Pathways Information & Assistance Program is there to find community resources such as case management, housing, or utility assistance, and makes referrals to other community services. Our Transportation Program understands how physical limitations for older adults can make getting around various places or running errands nearly impossible. Our free transportation serves as a community connector providing shuttles to our Community Dining Meal Program and Community Partner Sites, rides to medical appointments with individual escorts, and neighborhood vans for errands such as grocery shopping, banking, or visiting friends.

For those more limited in their mobility and/or who choose to age in place our Meals On Wheels Program provides
nutritious home-delivered meals to homebound seniors and adults with disabilities while our Minor Home Repair Program makes accessibility modifications for low-income homeowners in Seattle, Shoreline, and Bellevue that include minor plumbing, carpentry repairs, and installation of wheelchair ramps, grab bars and handrails.
Lastly, our Health and Wellness Programs’ evidence based practices with older adults and adults with disabilities have shown, when you provide low-cost self-management programs, the quality of life for these individuals improves. Thus reducing hospital stays, re-hospitalization, need for long-term care, and malnutrition. So as you read, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Sound Generations, in partnership with you, will be there every step of the way. No matter the situation, we will serve, assist, and guide our clients on the aging journey.

To learn more about our full program offerings visit the web:

Thank You for Helping Us Raise a 1-Day Total of $33,561 and #GIVEBIG4SENIORS All Month Long!

With your help we raised $33,561 for Sound Generations and our Community Partner Sites–all in just 24 hours! Thank you so much to those who donated and supported us.GiveBIG 4 Seniors logo

We are so close, just under $6,500 away from our $40,000 goal!

To celebrate the final year of Seattle Foundation’s GIVEBIG and in honor of Older American’s Month, we are excited to announce that we are keeping up the great momentum from our #GIVEBIG4SENIORS campaign and expanding our donation drive for the entire month!

Help us set the pace for the best GIVEBIG year ever!


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